About Polin

Polin was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 1976. Polin has since then grown into a leading company in waterslides, waterpark, water attractions and fiberglass pools industry. Polin is now one of the world leaders in the design, manufacturing, installation and operation of waterparks. We continue to work for doing the best and even better in the Aquaparks sector worldwide.

Polin's commitment to customer satisfaction, research& development, superior quality and internationally accepted quality norms are key factors which contribute to Polin' s ongoing success in the Amusement Parks industry. We maintain the highest level of integrity and professionalism beside the importance we give to innovation, creativity, entertainment value, safety, dynamism, strength, functionality and aesthetics.

Polin's projects range in size from small installations to the world's largest ones. Polin has perfected the biggest waterparks of Europe, Africa and Russia. No matter how large or small your waterpark project is, Polin provides the same superior service.

Polin guides each project from concept and theming to completion. From the initial design to start-up, we take care of everything. Every aspect of the project including planning, engineering, theming, manufacturing and installation is undertaken in house by Polin.

The quality of Polin products is guaranteed by its 30 years of experience in the sector with references in more than 70 countries in the world. Polin is a member of World Waterpark Association - WWA, European Waterpark Association EWA and International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions-IAAPA.

Polin dedicates itself to excellence, offering a very large and very diverse selection of water rides, fiberglass pools and various water attractions including wave pools and lazy rivers in the world and ensuring its clients success.

Our mission is to contribute to the national and sectoral development by leading the improvements in the sector; supplying the best quality and safe products and services at the convenient prices; progressing beyond the expectations of our partners and customers and continously increasing our production and export volumes..

Our vision is to be the leader company in the worldwide waterslides sector which is prefered by its partners, customers, colleagues and employees due to its proved distinction, expertise, credibility and quality.

Polin Values
- Corporate commitment
- Honesty
- Quality
- Reliability
- Leadership
- Success focus
- Dynamism
- Integrity
- Value for customers, partners and employees
- Customer Focus
- Teamwork


Hotel & Resort Package

Increasing occupancy and average room rates is one of the main goals of the hotel& resort managers. We can provide any hotel and/or resort with our new or existing customized packages using our rich variety of configurations to meet the space and budget requirements. Hotels and resorts are able to definitely increase their occupancy and average daily rates with the addition of waterslides and kids' animation articles. Not only for hotels and resorts, but also for the existing municipal and recreational swimming pools, we offer affordable additions to enhance your revenues.

Kid’s Animation


An incredibly funny and unique play area for children that completes the ultimate fantasy for the little guests. Octopus, which is located inside the pool, has six arms, three used as slides and three as stairs and a big mushroom in the head. With holes and spaces under it, Octopus is a perfect fun place for children. With its beautiful, colorful view, this attraction will surpass your dreams and will surely be the kids' favorite in your park.


Another crowd-pleasing appeal of a water park: Clown! Clown is a shower. From its nose and its boxing gloves, the water flows. Three people at the same time can use the clown shower: Dads (or the tall ones) from the nose, mothers (or the shorter ones) from the higher arm and children from the shorter hand. For a more enjoyable atmosphere, choose Clown as a shower in your facility!


Just like the Clown, Penguin can also be used as a shower. Penguin, with its sympathetic image, is a very preferred animation in the parks. We recommend you to have Penguin in your park. You will be truly delighted with the result.


When we first designed the Dolphin, it was mostly used as a fountain or as a mascot located by the pool side. Later, in addition to the mentioned usages, by locating the Dolphin on a high platform and adding a special system, Dolphin is now used also as a shower. With its pleasing colors and style, Dolphin will produce big smiles on your guests' faces every time.


Mushroom is a must in every single waterpark. With different, colorful figures on it, it increases the beauty of the waterpark by stimulating a great sight. The lower part can be either GRP or stainless steel.


Rabbit is a lovely slide that can be located inside the pool or by the poolside. Rabbit Slide is the first step of sliding experience. The kids meet the first joy of sliding by Rabbit Slide. Rabbit Slide with a real entertainment value and a great safety is a must in your kid play area.


At Polin, we put a lot of thought into how to make the little guests of your park happier: Turtle is a great addition. Turtle, just like the Octopus, is located inside the pool. Unlike the Octopus, Turtle does not occupy a large place. Turtle, with its four mini slides, make times pass more fun for children.

Elephant Slide

Elephant Slide is a kid slide designed to provide hours of entertainment, while ensuring complete safety. Elephant Slide is a caricatured elephant. It is located by the poolside. With four water outlets and a very special elephant skin, it is a perfect slide for children. As it creates a very beautiful, colorful view, it is a very preferred waterslide by the waterpark owners.

Elephant Figure

Do you want to have a real "Elephant" in your park? Then, try our great "Elephant" Figure which we ensure the kids will love. With water coming out of its long trunk, it will be a pleasant, colorful, simply a great addition for your kid play area.


There are 2 types of Snake Slide: Cobra &Viper. Cobra Slide which is a caricatured snake located on a tree trunk is one of the children's favorite. Cobra Slide consists of 4 pieces, 3 pieces for the snake part and 1 piece for the trunk part. Except the mouth part, Viper and Cobra are the same. Kids fall into the pool as if they are falling from snake's mouth. Just like all other Polin kid slides, Snake ensures maximum safety for kids.

Rainbow Slides for Kids

One of the most colorful, safest Polin rides: Rainbow Slides for Kids. We have two types: 1. Kids' Rainbow Slide and 2. Mini Rainbow. The first one is ideal for kids of age 6 and above, while the second is suitable for the ones smaller than 6 years old. If you want to have an aesthetically pleasing, safe and a fun ride for children, Rainbow Slide is the right choice.

Mini Slide

Another strong, compact, aesthetic, fun, safe, cost and space saving waterslide for kids of all ages and sizes. Mini Slide is an excellent, compact choice if you have budget and space constraints. Now you have more choices that allow you make your kid play area more fun.

Twin Slide

Polin' s professional design team is good at developing the most colorful, the most attractive and the safest attractions for kids that will ensure their coming back!
Another Polin' s favorite colorful, safe and fun waterslide: Twin Slide. It has two exactly the same sliding paths allowing two kids share the joy at the same time. It is located by the pool side.

Kids’ Slide

Our exciting line of kid slides is designed to provide hours of entertainment, while ensuring complete safety. Having such a wide range, we targeted all groups of children. From the bravest one to the most frightened will surely find a Polin kid slide to meet with real fun.


Polin' s interactive play center, "Aquatower", is designed for a more enjoyable water play experience. Your guests will not take what is served but they will be included to make their own fun. Waterslides, valves, water cannons and many other attractions are all together to help the quests to share an unforgetable experience.
A variety of colors and designs are available and our design team is always ready to explore new ideas. Specialized articles in accordance with your park's theming can be produced and added as well.


Swimming & Activity Pools

Polin provides you the best solutions in swimming and activity pool systems. Polin provides all kinds of swimming pool filtration and its accessories. Besides the swimming pools, Polin provides excellent service in the area of activity pools which are now the source of fun and functionality with different kinds of activities such as jakuzzies, flows, surf pools, rain forests, etc.

Splash Pools

"Splash Pools" are the pools that waterslides end in. Polin designs and manufactures safe, functional, the best quality splash pools.

Lazy River

"The Lazy River" is a fun and a relaxing journey to get around the park with lots of surprises for the lazy days of your holidays. It is a non- traditional park visit by floating leisurely down.

Rafting River

If you want to fight with strong bubbles, waves and if you don't mind falling and getting wet try Polin' s "Rafting River". We guarantee that you will love it.
Such pools that are designed in accordance with the theme of the park and the guest profile guarantee the success of your park.

Wave Pool

Polin wave pool systems are engineered for durability, ease of operation, maintenance, safety and of course fun. We generate waves that will ensure hours of fun and laughter for your quests by turning the pool into an ocean of fun for swimmers.

Wave Ball

Polin introduces you Wave Ball: a new kind of a wave generator which does not consume much power but creates an impressive result and could be installed in any pool. The Wave Ball is exactly what it sounds: a huge ball that floats on the surface of the water, creating waves. From a slight undulation to powerful waves of the open sea, the Wave Ball gives life to your pool.

Water Parks

Out Door Water Parks   In Door Water Parks

Looking at the world map, Turkey is at a place where west and east meets, where you can still feel the trace of hundreds of cultures who had lived in this region, where you can fully experience the taste of four seasons. Living in such a beautiful, multi-cultural environment creates a synergy that takes our design team one step ahead of the others in developing the most successful waterparks of the industry.

A successful waterpark development requires the success of every single unit in the park. Polin built waterparks that break attendance records all over the world because we understand your challenges. Polin relies on the quality and the diversity of its water rides as well as its experienced team to offer the best possible service for each waterpark wherever in the world. We bring difference to your park. We know how important it is to have the best water rides in your park and to keep your water rides and other attractions new, exciting and the best all the time- so that customers keep coming back

Water Slide

Body Slides

Giant Body Slide

This is a very versatile open slide, ensuring a safe, smooth ride and ideal for big or small, outdoor or indoor facilities. You slide down in your bathing suit. Unlimited design configuration makes body slide one of the most preferred slides in a facility.
1200mm. wide Giant Body Slide has the same section as Tunnel Body Slide. If you wish, we can combine these two in one waterslide where you will enjoy the experience of both an open and a tunnel slide with only one slide.
The slide path of body slide consists of different speed levels generating drop sections and straight aways. The slide can be manufactured in either translucent or opaque colors (in any color & configuration).

Aquatube & Tunnel Body Slide

You may be looking for the excitement of your life or you may like smooth rides, Polin' s design team is determined to design rides for everyone. Concerning the Tunnel Body Slide, it is the type with the Ř 1200 mm radius and it is for those who like smoother enjoyable rides. If you prefer longer but a slower one, have Tunnel Body Slide. The visual and auditory effects can be planned and added to create a visual harmony that your guests will never forget. Tunnel Body Slide has the same section as the 1200mm. wide Giant Body Slide. If you wish, we can combine these two in one waterslide where you will enjoy the experience of both an open and a tunnel slide with only one slide.

Tunnel Body Slide - Aquatube

If you want to experience a short and a fast ride, choose Aquatube. The one with the Ř 825 mm radius is Aquatube, which is a relatively fast slide compared with Tunnel Body Slide. The visual and auditory effects can be planned and added to create a visual harmony that your guests will never forget..

Compact Slide

We offer you a safe, smooth, comfortable, compact and an affordable waterslide: Compact Slide. What is unique to Polin' s Compact Slide is that it provides maximum room for riders of almost all ages and sizes. No matter if your pool area is narrow or small, Compact Slide will fit.If you have a pool but a limited pool area, then Compact Slide will add a great value to your place. Your valued guests will have great time and you will enjoy the easy operation and maintenance of Compact Slide.
Compact Slide is a good option for the municipalities by improving the activity in a recreational pool and by meeting the space and budget constraints.

Extreme slides

Space Hole

Space Hole is the new exciting ride which is one of the largest and popular Polin slides for speed riding. It is engineered to create ultimate excitement. You experience three different joys of excitement in one slide. You first experience the excitement of an enclosed flume, continuing with several whirls by the sides of the bowl with the centrifugal force and finally ending with falling from the hole. Space Hole is a great addition to any waterpark.

Space Boat

Space Boat is engineered to combine the excitement and joy of Space Hole and the Black Hole in one slide. Different from the Space Hole, this slide utilizes tubes either single or double. You first experience the surprises and the visual harmony of Black Hole; secondly live the excitement of Space Hole this time by using splash boats; then continue with either Black Hole or Rafting Slide and lastly end in a splash pool or an aqua catch. Try Space Boat for a truly magical experience!

Wave Slide

Polin' s new uphill ride: Wave Slide. Polin introduces you the Wave Slide: one of the latest Polin high-speed rides that offer screams, adrenaline and fun. Engineered for maximum safety "Wave Slide" delivers the highest level of ride performance. It has a similar ride experience as Tsunami Slide but it is more suitable for narrower spaces. This ride is a breathtaking experience and it provides fun for all your guests. Be sure your visitors will keep rushing back.

Tsunami Slide

Another energetic, safe, fun, innovative and high capacity Polin ride: Tsunami. Tsunami is unlike any other water rides you've experienced. Tsunami is strategically developed to ensure "from the beginning to end" excitement and an unforgetable ride experience. A "must" ride for the new parks, and a great addition to the existing ones, promising to keep your valued guests happy.

Family Slides

Family Slides - Family Rafting Slide

Family Rafting makes it possible to share entertainment and excitement together with your family. You can experience the joy of twists, turns and drops as a whole family. The slide path is very exciting but very safe with high side curtains. As the boats are of big size, a conveyor system can deliver the boats safely to the start platform. With this excellent ride, the whole family could enjoy the fun of water .

Magic Hole

This enclosed slide with its unique elliptical shape and flat bottom is a promising new Polin slide that will deliver an unforgettable ride experience with twists, turns and drops. You can use Magic Hole with single, double, triple inner tubes and even 4 seater round family boats which makes it possible to share the joys of riding with your family and your friends. If you like enclosed slides with larger space, Magic Hole will surely be right choice for you and the traffic-building addition to your park…

Inner Tube Slides

Black Hole

This enclosed slide is quite simply the most popular ride which offer an incredible and unique ride experience. The natural effects, creating a visual harmony in the water inside the ride make this ride even more attractive for riders. You can travel at high speeds, enjoying watch the visual effects around.
Black Hole has the same section as Rafting Slide. If you wish, we can combine these two in one waterslide where you will enjoy the experience of both an open and a tunnel slide with only one slide.
We know how to keep your customers coming back. With "Black Hole" in your park, we ensure that they will keep rushing back.

Big Hole

Big Hole is a bigger Black Hole. You can experience the joy of sliding with bigger tubes and with the whole family. Just like the Black Hole, the natural effects, creating a visual harmony in the water inside the ride make this ride even more attractive for riders.
Big Hole Slide has the same section as Wide Rafting Slide. If you wish, we can combine these two in one waterslide where you will enjoy the experience of both an open and a tunnel slide with only one slide.We produced such a slide in Rossano Italy and this 300 meter long waterslide is the longest waterslide of Europe in its category.

Rafting Slide

Rafting Slide is the type with a radius of 800 x1400 mm. Rafting Slide is an open flume slide which offers an unforgettable ride experience. At every corner, you will discover new excitements. The friends, spouses, parents can experience the joy of sliding all together. Laughters will be heard all around the park. Rafting Slide has the same section as Black Hole Slide. If you wish, we can combine these two in one waterslide where you will enjoy the experience of both an open and a tunnel slide with only one slide.
It is a good alternative for whom find Tsunami & Space Hole too exciting & also for whom do not prefer covered slides like Black Hole.

Wide Rafting Slide

Wide Rafting Slide is the type with a radius of 1000x2000 mm. Just like the Rafting Slide, Wide Rafting Slide is an open flume slide which offers an unforgettable ride experience. Different from the Rafting Slide, this slide is bigger and suitable for the ones who love to share the joy with others. Wide Rafting Slide has the same section as Big Hole Slide. If you wish, we can combine these two in one waterslide where you will enjoy the experience of both an open and a tunnel slide with only one slide.We produced such a slide in Rossano Italy and this 300 meter long waterslide is the longest waterslide of Europe in its category.

Wild River

Wild River is expertly engineered to deliver endless entertainment for your guests. Wild River is the ride that makes you feel cruising down a river.
It contains speed drops, curves and whirl pools. Sometimes narrowing, sometimes widening with turns and drop offs, Wild River provides a unique ride experience that your quests will never give up. Available in an extensive variety of design configurations.

Speed Slides

Flying Boats

Our Flying Boats are available in two different configurations. One is a downhill ride and the other is an uphill one (a rollercoaster-style ride) with which riders uphill on jetted water. The guests will have a journey full of surprises, they will go down and then up, and when they will say it is over, they will again experience a great ride downwards.
Flying Boats provide expertly engineered path that max out the thrill factor while preserving complete rider safety.

Kamikaze & Freefall

Kamikaze is expertly engineered to deliver high-speed experience. Kamikaze's configuration features a slide path consisting of "more than just one fall". You experience the excitement and the fun of falling over a multi-bump slide path, ensuring a soft landing with maximum safety. This crowd-pleasing slide is one of the park favorites.
Freefall offers you one of the most exciting drops in your life at the maximum safety. Are you ready to release yourself? Freefall is a great mixture of safety, adrenaline and entertainment. Just Try!


There are some slides that are always being talked about. You may have heard that people are saying proudly "I tried the Twister". Twister is a legend. Catch your breath! It is a blend of speed and fun, welcoming the ones that love high adrenaline. Twister can be manufactured in either translucent or opaque colors (in any color) and with special figures on the outer part of the slide. It may consist of two, three or four knitted slide. Not all our guests will have the courage to try Twister, but these slides are surely worth watching for all your guests.

Wide Slides


This interactive slide makes you enjoy the joy of head to head action. Multi Slide has a waterslide path from two up to six lanes. Multi Slide is a real challenge of excitement, fun and competition. You slide down either with a standard mat or a head first mat. You can slide in your bathing suit as well. A waterpark is never complete without a Multi Slide.

Kamikaze & Freefall

Wide Slide offers a smooth ride while ensuring the safety and enjoyment your customers count on. Flying Carpet and Rainbow are the most popular types. Flying Carpet slide is unique to Polin. Although most park owners prefer the carpet figure on this slide, no figure or any figure/ logo you wish to have is possibly applicable. Rainbow Slide is of the same form with the Flying Carpet Slide. The only difference is the rainbow figure on it. If you need a special color or design, we can manufacture it. We can put your park logo, a sponsor's logo or a custom wording on your Wide Slide.


Architectural design

Polin aims to provide the highest quality, customer oriented, cost efficient, high capacity and safe solutions. At Polin, we consider every project carefully. We carefully consider the objectives of park managers, developers, investors and guests. We know how important it is to increase the length of stay and to ensure repeat visits in your park. Project budget and development goals are crucial in our design analysis and planning. The location, topography, climate, culture, capacity, environment, location visibility of each site is unique. Do not assume what works in one specific country will work elsewhere. Polin has experienced, talented, innovative staff of professional architects and engineers with a continually updated computer network, dedicated to water slide industry. Our team is good at innovative and creative solutions to different projects. Our design team designs the most sophisticated ride types, works carefully with the unique characteristics of each project, maximizes the site potential, finds the best optimum solution -and ensures the success of every project.
We design and engineer rides that deliver fun, safety, function, comfort, innovation, capacity, entertainment, ease of operation and maintenance. Our products are custom designed and custom engineered. The design and engineering services of Polin include site plan project development, ride design, structural support systems, tower and foundation plan development, and mechanical and hydraulic design and if needed Polin's project team is capable to perfect the design and application projects of the units other than the waterslides, too.


We have established Polin with the best quality and the best service in mind. It has always been our target to produce the finest quality waterslides in the industry. We are proud and confident to say that we will continue to manufacture the highest quality waterslides at a lower cost in the industry Polin has 2 manufacturing plants with a complete 10000 sqm in-door and 10000 sqm out-door area. In these high capacity plants, Polin manufactures all of its fiberglass products according to the highest industry standards. From concept to completion, we enforce strict quality control standards. We ensure you receiving the finest quality product every time. At Polin, we use only the highest quality raw materials for all of our products. Our manufacturing plants utilize the most advanced manufacturing equipment and procedures. From the beginning to the end, everything is controlled at each phase with the Quality Management System. Polin received the ISO 9001-2000 certificate (American Quality Association) by March 2004.
Before our products leave the factory, we make a detailed examination and we make sure that each component is carefully prepared and protected for shipping. Our geographic location enables us deliver our products all over the world by air freight, by ship, by high way and by railway in the shortest possible time. Polin guarantees delivery in time. On arrival at final destination, complete installation is performed under supervision of Polin' s experienced installers, who had previously installed similar parks in over 50 countries. We've done installations all over the world. Our engineering, on-time delivery, and detailed working drawings make everything easy on your side. We give you a full action plan ensuring an efficient installation. Our skilled installers, no matter where our customer is in the world, ensure an efficient installation process by bringing years of worldwide industry experience to each project.


A successful water park doesn't only mean more water rides. A successful waterpark development requires the success of every single unit in the park. Having neither the best slides nor the best other entertainment attractions are sufficient. A strategic combination of different things which target all groups is crucial. Landscaping within the site is crucial in creating an environment of which your guests will be pleased to be in. The rockwork, the flora which stimulates sight is a must for every successful waterpark.